Accessorise Your Library Bags In Interesting Ways November 24, 2020 08:00

Do you like to go to a library regularly? Then, you might have invested in high quality library tote bags to endure the weight of your books. Today’s generation being particular about the bags they carry and the overall look they present with, are very conscious about the look of their outfits as well as accessories. And bags, be it a library bag, have turned into accessories rather than just being a high utility item. So, if you are a regular visitor of any library or prefer to carry books in proper bags, then your choice of bag matters a lot. Trust us, a lot can be done with your library bags as well to enhance it looks. So, if you feel that simple solid colored library bags do not match your style, then worry not. Choices are abundant. You can look for ways to make your bag look elegant and attractive like other designer bags. There is no need to replace your old bags. By adding some accessories or designing in attractive ways, you can transform the look of your plain, eco-friendly library bags to match your style statement. Your totes will create a fashion statement. Let us introduce you to some amazing accessorising ideas.

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Use brooches and badges to decorate your reusable library bag-

Lovely, colorful brooches can find their place in your tote bag. These small decorative elements will add value to your bags and just one addition can make it look totally stylish. With threads and needles, you can attach more than one brooch to your bags. The brooches are made of small or large size pearls as well as white or colored crystals and stones.

For corporate professional, advertisers or brand marketers, the option to accessorize a promotional library bag is with badges. Nowadays, lots of companies choose customised library bags as promotional gifts for their customers. They can create handmade badges that look like their brand logo and use those bags for the reusable library bags. Or else, they can also get logo printed on the badges with a detachable pin at the back which can be attached to the bag.

Replace the old drawstring with a new and beautiful one-

Original drawstrings of your library bag may look boring. They may also lose their colours in due course. As your bag has no wear and tear, you do not like to throw it away. You can look for some decorative and colorful cords to use them for your bags. Mostly cords with silk thread or beads at the end are good choices. Even woven plastic cords are in use these days which are easy to slide and tie. However, you must check the thickness of your cords to pass them through holes. Everyone will think that you have bought a new library bag.

Use your scarf to beautify your bag-

Do you have some printed bright colored scarves? Then, you can make an interesting use of this simple piece. Knot the scarf’s corner to the base of your bag’s handle and secure it firmly. Start wrapping the scarf around the handle. Wrap your scarf evenly and tightly to make your library bag look beautiful. It is really an easy twist to your bag’s design. Make sure that you have tucked away the loose ends of your scarf. Also, with changing outfits, you can match the scarf color and add variety of your bag’s look.

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Make library bags look different with a monogram-

A beautiful monogram displayed on the bag adds a style. Monograms look beautiful with bags of both two-tone and single-tone designs. When your brand has a monogram logo, you may represent it on your customised library bags Australia. Moreover, monogrammed accessories help in hiding damages and scratch marks in your bags. This tip comes handy for advertisers who stock bags for longer period of time and wish to gift to the customers as and when needed.

Use pompons to embellish your bags-

Pompons and tassels add fun to the overall design of your reusable tote bags. Choose the bag handle to suspend the chain of pompons. Although it may a plain library bag with no design, these pompons can decorate them easily. Clip them to your zipper to add glam to your bag. If you have bought bulk library bags for gifting, then accessorizing with pompoms can be an attractive addition which can make people turn and look at the bags. Your logo would surely get noticed. 

You know that canvas, jute, and calico library bags have a high functional value. When they become old, you must not discard them. Buy some accessories to revamp those bags. It is also better to print some fun messages and words on your bags. 

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