A Few Merits And Demerits Of Non-Woven Bags June 19, 2020 08:00

The industry of bags has seen tremendous changes and evolution to meet the ever-increasing demand of eco-friendly bags to substitute the harmful plastic bags. Many types of bags have hoarded the market shelfs and online portals as the customers are also equally interested in bags which are reusable and safe for the environment. The non-woven tote bags are one of those inventions.

Non-woven bags represent a recent invention, distinguished by their customizable tensile strength, soft feel in the hands of users, and significant ability for reuse in daily routines. These products add choice, variety, and dashes of color to contemporary ranges of lightweight, everyday carriage products. As an intelligent alternative to plastic carry bags, non-woven bags stand out owing to their minimal imprint on the earth's natural environment, customizable manufacturing processes, the growing appeal of such products in the public domain, and slim form factor. Before you plan to buy non-woven bags wholesale, you must be aware of its varying merits and demerits, if any.

The merits of non-woven bags

Colors Galore

Most manufacturers of these products develop quality wares that expand consumer choice in modern markets. Non-Woven Bags Australia are available in a range of primary colors that soothe the eye, boost the visual appeal of the product, and present safe, color-fast, utility-based carriage alternatives. Non-woven bags are essentially a form of fabric, hence can be folded to a small size or unfurled to their full expanse. The large range of colors allows these bags to exude a consumer-friendly vibe, as opposed to flashy, color-splashed shopping bags manufactured from granules of polluting plastic.

Non Woven Bags Australia

Durable Everyday Product

The dense combinations of long filaments that comprise the core of such products makes for very durable carriage. Therefore, non-woven bags remain above the dangers posed by the wear and tear attendant on everyday activities. Consumers can use these products for grocery shopping, carrying books and documents, personal effects, small items of clothing, identification papers, personal electronic gadgets, newspapers, books and periodicals, etc. In fact, Non-Woven Tote Bags find use as small items of soft luggage that can accompany the average user on commutes to the workplace, etc.

Washable, Breathable Product

Users of non-woven tote bags wholesale can acquire these products in bulk at economical prices. This makes the product ideal for shop keepers, promotional marketing, average consumer lifestyles, etc. In addition, users can wash these bags with mild detergent solutions in an effort to maintain these bags. The act of washing rids the product of germs, stains, and odors acquired during everyday use. Such actions also help restore the original colors of the product, thus giving new life to an environment-friendly product. In addition, non-woven bags allow mild forms of ventilation, a fact that encourages users to store vegetables and fruit for short periods.

Perfect for a Rainy Day

Non-woven bags offer a sensible alternative to plastic carry bags when used indoors during inclement weather. The dense construction of such bags offers a weather shield to the contents, thereby keeping paper documents (for instance) safe from indoor moisture, heat, in-house pollution, etc. Such bags also empower average citizens to stay clear of plastic bags, thus serving to preserve the natural environment. In fact, when used in multiple editions as shopping bags with logo wholesale, such products elevate the customer experience and help modern commerce to persist in its rhythms. 

Non Woven Tote Bags Wholesale

The Demerits

The fabric of non-woven material seems a little porous. Under high loads, they may split into sections thereby posing a headache for users. In addition, with the passage of time, the corners of such products could undergo fragmentation, thus reducing the integrity of the bag.

Also, the porous fabric of the bag might lead to leakage of liquid or semi-liquid products kept inside. If something spills, they might precipitate to the outer lining of the bag making them look dirty. However, when this material is given waterproof internal lining, the final product that comes out look very attractive and beautiful. They are easily decorated with beautiful colors and enhances the overall look while giving addition feature to the bag.

Users must scrutinize bags for signs of wear and tear; this is mandatory because every product bears a finite shelf life. Further, these bags must be stored out of reach of children to prevent instances of accidental suffocation. 

Final words: The users should be aware of any product’s feature to put them to the right use. Non-woven shopping bags with logo wholesale has its own purpose which can be achieved beautifully. Choose the right thickness, size, and strength of the bag as per your need to get maximum benefits. However, the merits of non-woven bags are huge enough to forgo the negligible demerits and can be used extensively for everyday use in place of the one-time plastic bags. 

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