5 Creative Ways To Upcycle Your Jute And Calico Bags October 19, 2021 08:00

Jute and calico are the most commonly chosen fabrics to design bags. As you use bags for storage and packaging purposes, these fabrics are the best eco-friendly options. Known for high versatility and durability, reusable calico bags and jute bags have gained the attention of individuals as well as businesses. To reduce the usage of conventional packaging materials like plastic, calico and jute are the perfect alternatives. Business owners like super markets, vegetable markets, fruit market, and other general stores are using custom-printed jute bags to offer products to their customers. They are also being preferred as a gift packaging item these days.

Nowadays, retailers also invest in custom calico bags bulk Australia, as they use these bags for promotional purposes. By printing the calico bags with their brand names, they like to promote their business. Thus, it is now easy for consumers to avail of the fabric bags made of jute and calico.

However, what would the consumers do when they have a big stack of calico and jute tote bags? As these bags are resilient, they do not wear away easily. That is why there is no need to throw them away to the trash bin. These fabric bags are recyclable, and consumers can think of upcycling them.

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Upcycling refers to the method of converting old, recyclable bags materials into some new and usable items. You need to be creative to upcycle your bags. Thus, buy the best products from the jute and calico bag suppliers. Your customers will use these bags in different way by upcycling them.

What are the best ways of upcycling jute and calico bags?

Design a new pillow case- Use your creativity to convert calico and jute bags into stylish pillowcases. You need minimal effort to do it properly. Jute and calico are some rough fabrics. However, the bags made of these materials are smooth and soft to touch. For this reason, you can use them for your pillowcases. Even for your car cushion or cushions for your pets, you can make cases out of these fabrics and make the best possible use of them. Further enhancement can be done using some acrylic colors and fabric paints. It is also an highly creative DIY activity for your kids that can keep them positively engaged.

Craft a rug for your room- One of the interesting ways of upcycling your bags is to convert them into rugs. Buy custom printed bags cheap and turn them into beautiful rugs. By stitching a number of bags, you may create a big rug. Due to their rugged nature and absorbing capacity, these fabrics are best for outdoor rugs. It is better to choose embroidered and printed bags to design your rugs. Even when you discard such bags, they can picked up by the rag pickers and sent for recycling to be used in various applications.

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Use your calico bags for decent decors- Drawstring jute pouches and calico bags with intricate details are best for decorating the home. Tear away the stitches of bags and convert them into beautiful decors. The old bags will make your room highly aesthetic. For instance, you can create a decorative wall hanging using the old calico and jute bags. With multiple pockets attached to them, they can also be used to keep small things inside like your mobile chargers, keys, purses etc.

Plant growing sacks- Both calico and jute bags are useful for gardening purposes. They can also stand up to different weather elements. Fill the small jute bags with soil and grow plants. You can replace your pots with these reusable bags. Place them outside your front door and increase the aesthetic value of your house.

Create your pet bed- It is similar to the way of designing pillows. Stuff the bag with cotton balls and stitch them. They are very strong and sturdy to withstand the movements of your pets. They would also withstand the gradual wear and tear while providing utmost comfort to your favourite pet. So, use the bags made out of jute or calico and make beautiful bed and cushion for your pets.

Plant sacs- The thick jute sacs can be converted into plant pots if stitched well at the bottom and opened widely on the top. However, while using them for planting, you might need a little plastic material at the bottom. If your bag already had some waterproof internal lining, then they are ready to go like that.

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