3 ‘S’ To Remember While Using Shopping Bags As A Promotional Tool? May 1, 2019 17:30

No household would be there on this earth that would not have one or more shopping freak in the family. Gone are those days when women only were known to be doing too much shopping because now men have developed equal craze and sense. So shopping now is everybody’s business. Since shopping bags are of too much use everywhere, organizations have started to use it as to giveaways to build up relationships with their customers. And not to mention, these bags have great power to enhance brand image because they are so much carried everywhere providing good exposure to a larger audience. So while negotiating with the bags wholesale suppliers you need to keep these 3 ‘S’ in mind to choose the best promotional shopping bags:

  1. ‘S’ for Spacious

When we are talking of shopping then it naturally means the bag needs to be spacious so that it can accommodate a large number of items. What good will shopping bags do if they are not spacious? So you need to take care to select large sized bags like tote bags. Small sized bags will not have enough space and thus it would restrict its use to limited places only and so it will not offer exposure to the business. Big bags would be an ideal choice for moderate to heavy shopping and your customers would love to carry them everywhere. For large shopping bags Australia should be your ideal destination to shop them from at reasonable prices.


  1. ‘S’ for Sturdy

A weak bag cannot last for longer times and can easily wear out. If the quality is poor then your customers will refrain to use these bags and with time may even discard. Here your whole marketing effort will go straight to the drain. To make sure customers use your bags for more years you need to ensure good quality. To get shopping bags Australia is one of the best places where you can find a number of manufacturers and suppliers that can provide you top quality.

  1. ‘S’ for Sustainable

Since pollution is already on a rise, it will be a good idea to go for eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives for shopping bags made of Jute, canvas, cotton, non-woven, etc. You can find eco-friendly shopping bags wholesale suppliers to get these at very affordable prices. Always negotiate with two three suppliers for the Shopping Bags Wholesale rates so that you can seal the best deal.

So if you don’t choose bags wisely, it will be just like any other unimportant freebie that would lie in one corner of your customer’s room and will be discarded with the period of time. So if you remember this 3 S, then these bags can be one of the best choices as a corporate gift to drive the desired results.