3 Features That You Must Check In Your Promotional Shopping Bags April 26, 2022 08:00

Modern consumers have started relying more on sustainable products. They also look for this sustainability while buying shopping bags. As a retailer, you may have thought of buying bags to offer the best corporate gifts to your customers. Plain tote bags bulk packages are available at a reasonable price. But, which bags will be the perfect choice for your investment? You have to check 3 major features of your shopping bags.

Plain Tote Bags Bulk

Are the bags customisable?

You have chosen bags as promotional products for your business. That is why you can buy plain shopping bags from a reliable store. It does not cost much to customise the bag with your brand details. You can print a logo on your bags and add a personalised touch. Shopping bags are available in different styles and sizes. Moreover, you have to be careful about choosing the right bag colour. Some companies like to pick a bag colour that matches their brand colours. But, make sure that the logo is prominent on the colourful bag. There are also several ways to personalise your bags.

Screen printing is the most commonly chosen printing methods for customising different products. You can print up to 6 colours with this technique. The rotary screen printing is best for your ready-made blank tote bags Australia.

Heat transfer methods are perfect for personalising your canvas shopping bags. Reusable bag materials can manage the heat, and thus, these methods will not cause any damage. Similarly, sublimation printing also provides a long-lasting solution. Moreover, you may rely on the machine embroidery technique to customise your bags.

The best bag stores have professionals to print your bags with the right method. Thus, you do not need to be concerned about the printing technique.

Are the shopping bags durable?

Durability is one of the important criteria for buying wholesale blank tote bags. You like to purchase promotional bags that can be used by your customers for several years. That is why you have to check the durability of reusable grocery bags made of different fabrics. Moreover, these bags must have properly stitched handles to avoid wear and tear. 

  • Canvas and cotton bags-

Both are natural fibers used for grocery bags. But, organic cotton, cultivated without pesticides, is a better choice for your bags. The decomposable plant fibre will save the earth from pollution. Moreover, canvas bags are known for high resilience. You can carry heavy load in these bags.

  • Jute bags

The natural fibre, jute, is made of strong threads, and thus, bags designed with jute are highly durable. They are also eco-friendly, as jute does not need pesticides for growth. You can look for plain jute bags and personalise them.

Plain Shopping Bags

Hemp bags-

As a natural fibre, hemp is more resilient than cotton. Although it has mostly industrial applications, hemp bags have become highly popular among consumers. But, it is costly to buy hemp bags. With a slightly higher budget, you can buy hemp bags in bulk. 

These are some commonly chosen eco-friendly fabrics, used for designing the totes.

Are the shopping bags washable? 

Several consumers choose these shopping bags to carry groceries. To avoid food contamination, it is important to maintain the sanitation of the grocery bags. Regular cleaning will keep your bags free from bad odours and germs. But, are the bag fabrics easy to clean? You must be careful about cleaning and disinfecting your reusable bags.

It is safe to use cool water to treat any shopping bag. You can choose hand washing for the loosely woven jute fabrics. However, cotton bags can be cleaned with your machine.

Improper cleaning techniques can affect the quality of the fabric. That is why you can read manufacturers’ instructions while cleaning, drying, and storing your bags. It will save your bags from the potential damages. Dryers also cause an adverse effect on fabrics. Some fabrics are not intended to be used with dryers. Air-drying is the safest choice for every fabric.

Learn about the bags’ fabrics and treat them properly.

You can check some other features while purchasing the grocery bags for your customers. Find the quality bags from a store and place your order. You can customise the bags at a minimal rate. 

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