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Plain Canvas Tote Bags Wholesale

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Canvas Wine Bag - 1 Bottle - Plain Bag

Canvas Wine Bag - 1 Bottle - Plain Bag
Flat Rate: $3.99 ea
Min Qty: 50


Plain Canvas Bags Bulk: A Sturdy And Dependable Carriage Solution

Carrying goods of various types needs a bag that is really sturdy and heavy-duty to provide enough protection to the goods without any scope of breakage and spillage. The plain canvas bags fit this category just the perfect way as it is one of the most dependable carriage solutions for people and businesses coming from any segment. No matter what your product is, these bags ensure safety and easy portability with no doubt.

At Bags247, we have assorted a range of plain canvas bags wholesale that can be bought in bulk for your business needs. We make sure each one of these pieces would fulfill your purpose. Not only for business needs, you can use them for promotional purposes also after a little customization. Small or big shops, market owners, farmers, farming product sellers, vendors, and many other categories of businesspeople can strategically give plain canvas bags for painting and get them customized with their business name. These custom-printed canvas bags can then be circulated among the customers for garnering the attention of all in the easiest way. Rest assured, this is one of the most budget-friendly ways of brand advertising.

Collection of canvas bags

The simplicity of plain canvas bags speaks for itself and we have a really versatile collection of such bags. You can find heavy-duty plain canvas bag, farmer market bag, cheap plain canvas tote bags, tote with full gusset, canvas wine bag, and more. They are available in plain white and black in color. With a minimum quantity order, you can get them at highly attractive prices. The customization with your logo can also be done easily with our in-house service which will go in accordance with your personal choice or preference. 

Canvas bags for promotions

A utility item when presented to the prospects with a little touch of business can do wonders. That is why most of our clients go with printed canvas bags as a tool to advertise their brand. You need to offer your products to the customers in a bag. What if this bag starts doing all the branding for you? This can absolutely be achieved with a little pre-planning and timely action. If you are up to any customer-delighting event, you can make it come in favor of you too. For festivities, all the businesses offer some gifts, discounts, freebies, etc to their customers. You can also buy plain canvas tote bags Australia and personalize it to present gifts to your customers. See how you can do it.

Present plain canvas bags for painting: Yes, when presented blank or plain style, your customers can paint the bag and make it look the way they want. Moreover, canvas makes the best painting background. However, the same can be done by you. You can also get these bags printed with an attractive design and present it to your customers on occasions.

Plain canvas bags to decorate: The bag itself can become the best gift if you decorate it creatively. Choose a smaller size and look for some patchwork, beadwork, threadwork, or painting to be done personally. This can make the blank canvas tote bags look really amazing. Your logo on the corner will keep on giving visibility to your name and do all the advertising.

Present on occasions: Choose the right occasion like festivals, the foundation day of your business, some outdoor event, etc to present the bags as it will help in building memories around your brand.

Buy plain canvas tote bags Australia and start to delight your customers with a really worthy product. On bulk orders, get attractive prices.


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