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Promotional Wine Bottle Bags

Eco Bags @ Wholesale Prices

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Non Woven 2 Bottle Bag

From $0.99 ea To $0.6 ea
Min Qty: 1000

Non Woven Single Bottle Bag

From $0.99 ea To $1.53 ea
Min Qty: 100


Custom Wine Bags: Choicest Collection at Bags247

Wine bottle bags are one of the most useful items you can think of if carrying these bottles has been a concern for you. Also, for gifting someone wine, you definitely need to find the best fit bag for carrying them and presenting in a decent manner. At Bags247, we have kept these little things in our minds and have assorted a collection that truly meets your varying needs. Business owners can also use these custom wine bags to promote their brand by offering them to their customers, clients, employees, and business partners. Most of our items are reusable in nature and can keep their effective presence among the users giving extended visibility to your brand name or logo.

Our collection includes a non-woven single bottle bag, non-woven two-bottle bag, jute wine bag, canvas wine bag, one bottle jute bag, and more. The usual colors are natural jute colors, white, and black. The non-woven bags can be found in colors like orange, red, and others.

Promotional wine bags: An overview

 Professionals engaged in promotional activities, campaigns, and drive always look for some innovative products that can carry their brand name well. In this regard, the use of custom printed wine bags, Australia has been effective because of its appeal and high impact. We have worked with a number of business owners and marketers who readily choose this product to get custom printed and circulated in the market. A few reasons for this popularity are listed below:

  • Reusable in nature: The durability and reusable nature of wine bags give good value for your investment. Once invested, your bag will be reused making their presence felt among the people. You can buy reusable wine bags wholesale and get a good deal on the cost.
  • Useful and trending item: Keeping wine bottles safe is very important. That is why everyone looks for a bag that can be convenient to use and safe to carry to long distances. Presenting such a bag customized with your logo or company’s name is sure to get the attention of the user and all around them. You can make lasting impressions in the mind of people with the right use of these bags.
  • Eco-friendly material creates a good reputation: There are many types of wine bags available in the market. Most of them are non-biodegradable or made of expensive natural resources. While you use eco-bags made of jute or non-woven fabric, you end up building a good reputation as your item is reusable and nature-friendly. 

When to use custom-printed wine bags?

Selective use of wine bags on the right occasions can help you reap good benefits and build a friendly rapport with your customers. If you are an individual buyer looking for wine bags bulk, you can use them in your personal events like wedding anniversary, new year party, fun gathering, etc. Creatively designed bags can be offered to your guests as a return gift.

If you are a business owner and considering wine bags for your advertisement needs, then New Year, organization’s foundation day, festivals, etc can be good occasions to distribute them. You can get them customized and offer to your customers for a minimum amount of purchase as well. It can help you create your virtual presence among the people. 

Where to buy wine bags wholesale Australia?

Online portals are stocked up with a variety of wine bags you can easily see, compare, and buy. At Bags247, our collection mostly comprises of eco-bags which make very good fabric for customization. You can buy them in bulk and they designed or printed the way you want. Our creative designers can offer you some good ideas as well to make your bag look beautiful and communicate your message effectively.

Place an order for bulk wine bags at wholesale rates and get them delivered at your doorstep. Call us NOW!


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