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Trade Show Bags Bulk

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Denim Bag Tote With Bottom Only

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Custom Trade Show Bags at Bags247

Planning and being a part of the trade show requires a specific checklist, otherwise, you might find yourself unequipped, unorganized, and lost in the crowd. Among all the essentials for the show, a thing that remains of high importance is the trade show bag which can fulfill a number of jobs required on the show. If it is customized with your company’s logo and name and used as a promotional product, then the results of the event can be multifold. At Bags247, we specialize in trade show tote bags wholesale  and others and help businesses make the most out of their events and branding campaigns. We have a product ready for every budget in different looks and sizes.

Our collection of trade show bags bulk  

Different businesses need a different tool for conveying their message and reach out to their prospects. Keeping this varied requirement in mind, we have assorted a range of trade show bags that are suitable for varying needs. Our collection includes a denim tote bag with bottom, heavy cotton, and canvas tote bag, cotton tote with base gusset, cotton tote with full gusset, cotton flat bag, canvas tote with full gusset, cotton messenger bag, jute hessian flat bag, laminated non-woven bag, non-woven extra large trade show bag with gusset, and more.

You can choose from varying colors like red, blue, white, black, maroon, yellow, and more. These vibrant colors when customized with your logo will reveal your brand prominently and gain eyeballs.


Benefits of offering promotional trade show bags

When you choose to offer trade show bags to your visitors, you actually gain a plethora of benefits with this activity. However, make sure to use only eco-bags that are reusable. A few of the benefits of promotional trade show bags are listed below:

  • Increases your booth traffic: In conventions and trade shows, people walk with a lot of gifts and goodies from other stalls. They often look at others who are walking with a bag in hand and notice the name printed on it to reach to the stall and get the bag. If you are the one offering that bag, rest assured that your booth traffic for the increase.
  • Increase the number of impressions: Reusable bags end up generating more impressions and also lead to referrals by happy customers. Distributing them in the trade show marks the reiteration of your existence and recall in the minds of your existing customers and new visitors.
  • Functional product builds goodwill: You might notice a number of other organizers distributing things that are not functional and become a burden for the recipients. In such a scenario, giving away things like a reusable trade show bag really adds value for the users, and they remember you for all the good reasons. It simply helps to earn goodwill.
  • Engage your attendees: Offering something useful to the visitors of your convention can help you engage a large audience on the day of the trade show as well as after the show because you are offering a practical thing that can be used in the long run. Every time they use the bag, they will be engaged recalling your stall, your name, and your products or services.
  • Enjoy lasting returns: A reusable eco-bag has a much lasting impact than any other promotional product. Consider the items that are kept aside right away and the bags which are used again and again for a longer period of time. You invest once, but keep on reaping the benefits for a longer period of time.

Where to buy trade show bags bulk?

The first step towards buying trade show bags is to make sure of the size you need and the material. If you yourself offer some heavy products, then your bag should be made of cotton or canvas. However, for trade shows non-woven bags are also quite in trend. Then based on the color of your logo, choose the color of your bag which should reflect your logo vibrantly. Now, you can buy the bags from any reliable trade show bags supplier, Australia.

At Bags247, explore all the types of bags, their sizes, and cost and place a bulk order to get the wholesale rates. Our in-house designers can also help you out with the design of the bag for your convenience. Get them delivered at your doorstep and get ready for the trade show in full gear.


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